How Can Reiki Help With Stress

Reiki heals on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual to ultimately create 'oneness' within ourselves and 'oneness' with the Universe. Reiki cannot only help dramatically with specific physical problems and illnesses but in addition Reiki heals on an emotional level to ensure that any physical problems caused by stress and emotional trauma, do not return. Reiki teaches you how to relax and when you are completely relaxed your stress diminishes. Reiki also helps your body to function at optimum levels, reducing the risk of developing illnesses.

When you either undergo Reiki treatments or learn a Reiki course you begin to see everything from a different perspective. Past emotional traumas are healed so that they can no longer prevent you from self-development and having the freedom to be yourself. Once you are free to be yourself, you do not feel so constrained by the environment you are within and you develop better coping mechanisms for what life throws at you! Reiki enables you to be more of a detached outsider looking in on your life with a 'fresh,' objective perspective rather than being trapped inside your life with no way out. Reiki helps you to feel at peace with yourself, be kind to yourself and do what is 'right' for you rather than setting yourself unachievable goals and having unrealistic expectations.

You will find after your Reiki treatments or courses that the events in life that used to make you feel stressed out no longer have the same effect as you will be able to see the 'bigger picture.' In fact you will probably wonder why you felt stressed about those things in the first place. Reiki also helps you to learn not to put yourself in situations that are harmful to you so you will find yourself detaching from the people that are merely draining you and you will begin to do the things that are right for you. Reiki teaches you that you are not here to please anyone you are here to do what is right for your path on this earth, for yourself and for others. There is a huge difference between doing what is right for people and trying to please them.

Often people have a fear of failure and get so desperately wrapped up trying to do what they think others expect of them but this is not the right way to live. Reiki can help you gain so much more focus and clarity, as well as helping you to trust your intuition. Once you can completely trust in your intuition above all else, then you having nothing left to fear. This is not to say that after learning Reiki or undergoing Reiki treatments you will never feel stressed again, because life always presents us with difficult situations, but you will be able to handle them in a much healthier way. You will be healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. This will create within you a higher, more universal outlook that will make life much more manageable giving you a greater sense of direction and understanding of why you are here along with an inner peace and a real sense of happiness.

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