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Natural Health and Beauty Magazine (February 2005 issue))

Nicole Kidman is a fan so just what is so special about Reiki? We ask healers Andrew and Dawn Chrysostomou why they think it's so special.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural form of energy healing discovered by Mikao Usui early 20th century Japan. It works on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual by using variable frequency energy that heals and balances the mind, body and spirit.

How does it differ to other energetic healing therapies?

Reiki is unique in that anyone can learn to channel the healing energies. It can be used as a healing treatment, or it can become a spiritual journey, a way of life that promotes healing at every level to create balance, harmony, clarity and ultimately enlightenment.

Why do you think it's such a popular treatment?

Because it clears and focuses your mind by removing negative energy blockages, enabling you to be more creative and expressive. Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman like this because they work in a creative profession and it enables them to perform better as well as feel healthier emotionally and physically.

Why did you become a Reiki Master?

Due to severe spondylosis of the spine I was suffering with chronic pain and losing mobility. The only option offered to me was surgery on my spine but I wanted to see if complementary therapies could help first. I completed a Reiki level one and two course and my back felt much improved. I used Reiki to heal myself and can now live a normal life.

One week after learning Reiki my sister was diagnosed with cancer. I treated her, and after witnessing the positive results decided to become a Reiki master teacher.

What will happen during a treatment?

The treatment begins with an informal interview to determine the conditions that need treating. Then the client lays fully clothed on a treatment couch with their eyes closed. The practitioner places their hands in various positions above the client's body directing energy where it is needed.

Experiences of Reiki are individual but many people often comment of feeling at the very least intense relaxation, clarity and serenity. For others Reiki is a life changing event.

I'm feeling slightly under the weather. Could it give me a 'pep-up'?

Yes. If you require a treatment simply to make you feel more energised or to help you relax and unwind the frequency of the energy used can be tailored to do just that. You often find that you will feel much more relaxed, tranquil and healthier for days afterwards.

How else can it help me?

Reiki deals with the root causes of all your physical, emotional and spiritual problems. Often physical illnesses are a symptom of emotional trauma. By eliminating the negative energy and feelings attached to your emotional traumas Reiki enables you to develop yourself in a positive way. Reiki can be used on any illness with often amazing results such as: cancer, arthritis, stress, depression, muscle damage, broken bones, allergies, addictions.

Would it be worth trying even if I don't have any specific 'problems'?

Yes definitely. Reiki can be used purely as a wonderful relaxation session. There are very few people who have no emotional issues whatsoever. It heals on a very deep level to remove the negative energy associated with traumas that the client may not even be aware of.

Will I need dozens of treatments or will one be enough to sort me out?

It is difficult to generalise, but most conditions take between one and ten treatments (illnesses like cancer and addictions have to be treated for the duration of the condition). The treatments cost £40 each and courses start at £130.

Where can I find out more about this treatment?

You can call either myself or Dawn on 020 8367 9158 or go to our website at the healingco.com.

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