Soul Searching

Natural Health and Beauty Magazine (February 2005 issue)

In a new column for NH, Dawn Mellowship from the Healing Company answers your questions on living life to the full.

Q Everyone relies on me all the time and I feel I have to live up to their expectations. How can I change without letting anyone down?

A We often feel like we owe people something when we don't. The fact is that in life people have to learn lessons. If someone else is relying on you to help them all the time they will never learn to be responsible for themselves. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. You have to learn to say no and take time to look after yourself first. Help people in a more detached way by doing what is best for them rather than trying to please them.

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(NB: We have a regular monthly column appearing in Natural Health and Beauty Magazine starting from the June issue so be sure to get yourself a copy if you would like to see more of our questions and answers.)

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