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Passage to Freedom

passage to freedom dawn mellowship Passage to Freedom (O Books), Publication Date: 28 February 2008, ISBN: 978-1846940781, RRP £9.99

Thousands are seeking enlightenment but few achieve this ultimate spiritual goal. "Passage To Freedom, A Path To Enlightenment" is an inspirational book with practical techniques to help the reader attain true happiness through spiritual growth. Dawn Mellowship's book provides meditations and healing techniques that work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, to provide the perfect remedy for finding happiness and spiritual fulfilment. They combine visualisation, intention, affirmations, controlled breathing, universal energy and healing to assist you to manage your anger, release guilt and worry, let go of the past, boost your self-esteem and love yourself and others unconditionally. You can learn how to connect to your intuition to make better and healthier choices in life, and ultimately to find inner peace and balance.

The Essence of Reiki

the essence of reiki andy chrysostomou dawn mellowship The Essence of Reiki, Andy Chrysostomou and Dawn Mellowship (O Books), Publication Date: 31 May 2008, ISBN: 978-1846940996, RRP £9.99

This insightful book will guide you through the methods taught by Usui-sensei in step-by-step detail so you too can practise the original system. From Usui-sensei's original teachings the authors have developed Active Reiki Healing to bring Reiki back to its original purpose. Reiki once again is a healing system that can be used to treat any condition, any illness, any injury, any emotional problem, just as Usui-sensei intended. You will learn how to use the Reiki symbols and their mantras with the added use of intention and visualization to treat illnesses and injuries directly using Active Reiki Healing. The spiritual nature of Reiki is explored and discussed in great detail to help you on your own path to enlightenment. You will learn how Reiki can be used to connect to your true spiritual nature and create the 'oneness' that will lead you to fulfillment and ultimately enlightenment.

You Can Only Achieve What is Possible

you can only achieve what is possibe dawn mellowship You Can Only Achieve What is Possible (O Books), Publication Date: 25 July 2008, ISBN: 978-1846941092, RRP £11.99

In our self-help oriented culture, we are often given the message by experts that we can achieve whatever we desire. You Can Only Achieve What Is Possible , proclaims, quite to the contrary, that you can only achieve what is within your remit. This book is about realising our own limitations and learning to desire what we really need, rather than what we want. When we can achieve this, we can change our lives for the better. Each chapter begins with a case study and then discusses and dissects a particular notion held by various self-help experts and suggests an alternative theory. The chapters conclude with meditation, healing and intention-based techniques to help people get to grips with their own intuition and start achieving what is possible, rather than worrying about what isn't.

Toxic Beauty

toxic beauty dawn mellowship Toxic Beauty (Gaia Thinking Books), Publication Date: 2 February 2009, ISBN: 978-1856753069, RRP £7.99.

Did you know that cosmetic products contain a myriad of synthetic chemicals that have demonstrated evidence of causing cancer in studies on experimental animals?

Daily we smother otherselves in personal care and cosmetic products believing that they are somehow doing us good, but in reality we absorb up to 70 per cent of what we apply to our skin and most cosmetic ingredients have not been thoroughly tested for safety. The European Union has banned around 1,000 chemicals compared to the U.S. FDA who have banned just 11 per cent of the 10,500 ingredients used in cosmetic products, in the last 30 years.

This is quite shocking given that contact dermatitis, asthma, skin, eye and nervous system disruption, birth defects and cancer are just a handful of the potential negative effects of many of the chemicals we routinely apply to our bodies.

For ladies who love their lippy, a US study conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics on lipsticks bought in several regions in America found that 61 per cent of brand-name lipsticks tested contained detectable levels of the neurotoxin and reproductive toxicant, lead, which has been linked with learning and behavioural disorders, miscarriage in women, reduced fertility and hormonal changes.

Toxic Beauty reveals the darker side of the cosmetics we court and reveals just how 'natural' many of the organic labelled beauty products really are.

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