Reiki, An Active Healing Method

There are many theories about how Reiki works. Most Reiki practitioners view Reiki as a passive form of healing, much like spiritual healing. What this means is that they channel energy into the client without consideration for the clients condition(s) as their intent is purely to allow the energy to take it's own course through the body. Most Reiki healers say that the energy is 'intelligent' and will know where the individual needs healing and the body will take as much energy as it needs. They do not believe they are in a position to decide what needs treating or otherwise.

Many of those practising passive Reiki will put as little input into the healing as possible and often follow a set series of hand positions, remaining for roughly the same time in each position, regardless of where the injury or illness is.

The claim made by many of the Reiki healers who practise in this way is that Reiki simply allows the body to heal it self, the energy does not actually heal directly.

The Truth About Reiki

The founder of Reiki Mikao Usui, treated conditions directly. He never claimed that Reiki allowed the body to heal itself and he would treat the body wherever the pain occurred saying in the Usui Reiki Hikkei (Usui Reiki handbook) "If brain disease occurs I treat the head. If it's a stomach ache I treat the stomach. If it's an eye disease I treat the eyes." Usui treated whatever the condition was the healee presented him with, he never claimed that the energy would find it's own route around the body. If someone has a tumour and you treat their head with Reiki, the energy will work on healing their head. There will probably innumerable blockages between the head and tumour preventing the energy from reaching it.

Reiki is as Usui Sensei said, unlike any other treatment in the world and original to Mikao Usui. He did not re-discover Reiki, he discovered Reiki and we owe it to him to teach and practise Reiki in the most effective way possible. This is what Active Reiki healers are doing, healing their clients to the best of their ability, offering the best service they can to their clients and this is what all Reiki practitioners should be doing.

Why Active Reiki Works Best

With Active Reiki, variable frequency energy is being used to heal conditions directly. As well as this intention and visualisation are used to maximise the healing benefits. If someone comes for a Reiki treatment to help their bad back, that is exactly what an Active Reiki healer will treat.

By using Reiki in an active way energy is being channelled into whatever condition is being treated at the correct frequency needed by that condition. It has been shown that every part of the body vibrates at a certain frequency. If someone has a broken bone channelling energy into the bone at 7 cycles per second or hertz, stimulates bone growth.

Passive Reiki healers channel the complete energy healing spectrum into every condition that they treat where as Active Reiki healers channel energy at specific frequencies. This means that all the energy an Active healer uses is working on the condition being treated as opposed to passive healing where only a small part of the energy being used works on the condition. The rest of the energy being used is wasted on that condition.

The frequency is varied not by mathematical frequencies but the use of symbols (given to Mikao Usui on his 21 day retreat on Mount Kurama), which narrow down the frequency range, and colour, which further narrows down the frequency range.

This does not mean that an Active Reiki healer will work only on the physical condition being presented and not any emotional issues, just that different energies will be used to treat the different conditions or symptoms a person has. The predominant, most serious problem will be dealt with first and then underlying causes and other issues will be dealt with later.

Where a presenting pain has no actual physical cause but is purely the result of an emotional trauma, an emotional healing will of course be given and once that has been dealt with the pain should go.

The Healing Success of Intention and Visualisation

While an Active Reiki healer is treating either themselves or a client they will always use intention and visualisation, which have been proven to speed up the healing process dramatically.

Dr Glen Rein PH.d. (Quantam Biology Research Labs) has carried out research into healing tumour cells using intention and visualisation. The most effective intention used was that the cells return to their natural order and harmony of the cell's normal rate of growth (i.e. before they were transformed to tumour cells). This intention combined with a visualisation technique provided 39% inhibition of growth of the tumour cells. Treating the cells with the intention of letting God's will take place only offered 21% inhibition and unconditional love offered no effect. This just goes to show that healing an illness with unconditional love will not work. By doing this the tumour cells are being told that it's fine to stay just the way they are.

There were two visualisations used in the study. The visualisation used that involved a decreased number of cells in the dish gave 18% inhibition of growth of tumour cells. Where a visualisation was used of an increased number of tumour cells, the cells increased by 15%.

This study demonstrates that the most effective method for healing is to combine visualisation and intention and with the Reiki healing added on to this, the results are very often phenomenal.

Reiki practitioners owe it to the clients that come to them for help to treat them using all the methods and tools they have at their disposal. This is not playing God as some Passive Reiki healers claim, it is doing everything within your power to help that person. We were given the abilities we have for a reason and it is a terrible shame not to use them. A surgeon would not half finish an operation so why should a Reiki practitioner offer anything less than the best treatment they can give.

Mikao Usui the founder of Reiki, used everything within his power to treat those that came to him for healing and we owe it to him, to God or the Universe, to ourselves and to those that we treat with Reiki to do the same.

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