Reiki Share

Reiki Share at the Radisson Kenilworth Hotel in central London. Our monthly Reiki share is an opportunity to meet up with like minded people on a regular basis to share expereinces, give and receive Reiki and to learn more about Reiki from each other and from Andy Chrysostomou, an experienced and dedicated Reiki and spiritual teacher.

What Happens At A Reiki Share?

A Reiki share is all about Reiki!

Reiki is wonderful to receive and to give. During our Reiki share, it is an opportunity for Reiki practitioners to give Reiki to others as valuable practice time and to build up case studies towards the Reiki Council Certificate of Professional Practice and CNHC registration.

For those new to Reiki, it is a wonderful introduction to Reiki through receiving Reiki and finding out more about Reiki. I am available to answer questions and talk about Reiki.

As an added bonus for Reiki practitioners, the Reiki share counts as CPD.

When Are The Reiki Shares?


November Sunday 13

December Sunday 11


January Sunday 22

February Sunday 19

March Sunday 19 Cancelled

April Sunday 23

May Sunday 21

June Sunday 18 Cancelled

July Sunday 16

August Sunday 13

September Sunday 10

October Sunday 15

November Sunday 12

December Sunday 10

What Time Is The Reiki Share Held?

The Reiki share starts at 6pm and finishes at 7.30pm

Where Is The Reiki Share Held?

We hold our Reiki shares in central London at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Kenilworth Hotel, 97 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LB. We use Private Room 14 (Downstairs and to the left).

Click here for more information about the venue

How Much Does The Reiki Share Cost?

Our Reiki share costs £7

You can book and pay using the PayPal button below.

Book And Pay For The Reiki Share

Reiki Share £7

Please Note

If I do not receive any bookings or confirmation of attendance for the Sunday Reiki share by 8pm on the day before the share, the share will be cancelled.

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.....Reiki The Miraculous Medicine of All Diseases"

The Founder of Reiki, Usui Mikao

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