Ten Ways to Change Your Life

1. Learn to stop thinking so much. Intelligence comes from taking the time to trust your intuition and making the decisions that are right for you. Trusting your higher self will enable you to make the best choices. To help yourself do this take up some form of activity which quietens the mind, such as; Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, meditation, yoga.

2. Stop trying so hard to please other people. You will never make yourself happy if you spend all your time pandering to others. Make your own mistakes and learn from them. If you spend your whole life trying to live up to the expectations of others you will end up blaming them for the direction your life has taken.

3. Stop punishing yourself. If you are truly sorry for your mistakes then let go of the guilt. If you make a bad decision, accept that it was the wrong thing to do, learn from it and move on. All that is asked from us by the Universe is that we learn from our mistakes and take a step in the right direction towards making a positive difference in our own lives and others.

4. Touch other people's lives. In modern society it is so easy for people to become wrapped up in their own lifestyles and forget the many people around you that need help in one way or another. Be prepared to listen to other people as in many instances all someone will need is a good listener to make them feel that they aren't all alone in the universe.

5. Don't go by what people say, see beyond their words to who they really are. We often meet someone and feel repelled by that person, yet when they begin to talk to us and charm us, we blame ourselves for making a snap judgement. Trust your intuition. If you have a feeling that there is something not quite right about this person, be very wary. Try to avoid being around people that feel very negative to you.

6. Look at the bigger picture. Don't make the mistake of thinking that this here is your life and you are damned going to live it because as many say 'Life is short'. This life may be short but the next one certainly won't be. The actions and decisions we take in this life affects where we go in the next. We all have a place in the universe and at some point we all have to face up to our actions.

7. Follow your own path. We all have our own path in this life and we all are expected to follow it at some point. If you feel that something is missing from your life but you are not quite sure what, then now is the time to follow your path. Intuitively we all know this but as we get older we can stray away. Reiki re-connects you to the Universe and allows you to really be yourself, try learning Reiki or if you can find another way to follow your path then do it as quickly as possible.

8. Take the right sort of risks. We are all afraid of taking risks, sometimes for a very good reason but if the risk involves you giving up something that will make your life much better and make you feel more happy and fulfilled, then it's a risk worth taking.

9. Look after your body. It really is the only one you have in this life and if you damage it you will soon wish you had listened to your body. Eat foods that are healthy and nourish your organs. You won't thank yourself later if you have a chronic illness because of the poisons you have subjected yourself to.

10. Be prepared to put a lot of effort into life. The easy options are rarely the ones that are the best for us. Take responsibility for yourself and your own actions and look after yourself. Life is not meant to be easy and this is for a reason, because we learn so much more from the difficult decisions we take and the hard work we put in. There isn't a miracle drug to make everything better we all hold the miracles within ourselves to change our lives

© Copyright Dawn Mellowship 2004

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